Using LCS

Liferay Connected Services has been deprecated as of July 1st, 2021. Customers should migrate off of LCS by December 1st, 2021. Please read the Changes to Liferay Product Activation announcement to learn more.

This articles in this section each detail one or more of LCS’s features:

  • What LCS Stores About Your Liferay DXP Servers: For LCS to work, the LCS servers must store certain information about your servers. Sensitive data, however, isn’t stored on the LCS servers. This article describes the data that LCS does and doesn’t store.

  • Managing LCS Users in Your Project: Learn how to manage your LCS project’s users by assigning them roles.

  • Using the Dashboard: Learn how to manage your LCS projects and access your environments and servers in LCS.

  • Managing LCS Environments: Learn how to create and manage your LCS project’s environments. This includes instructions on generating tokens for an environment’s servers.

  • Managing LCS Servers: Learn how to manage your servers in LCS. This includes viewing server status and editing server settings.

  • Managing Your LCS Account: Learn how to manage your LCS account. This includes setting general account preferences, managing LCS web notifications, and configuring LCS to send you notification emails when specific events occur in your LCS projects.

  • Managing Liferay DXP Subscriptions: Learn how to view and manage your Liferay DXP subscriptions for the servers in your LCS project.

  • Understanding Environment Tokens: Learn about the environment tokens that you use to connect your servers to LCS.

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