Using Liferay Sync on Your Desktop

Liferay Sync synchronizes files between your Liferay DXP Sites and desktop devices. It lets you work with your files without using a browser. The Sync clients also ensure that the files are updated with the latest changes made by other users. To use Liferay Sync in your desktop environment, you must install the Sync desktop client. It’s currently available for Windows and Mac OS. The Sync client stores files locally so that they’re always available, even when you’re offline. Files are automatically synchronized upon your client’s reconnection to your Liferay DXP server.

On your desktop devices, Liferay Sync creates a new folder structure that it uses to synchronize files. You can treat the files the same as you do any others. Credentials, Sync folder location, and other options are configured in the client. Also, native desktop notification events inform you of what Sync is doing. The native menu and task bar integration keep Sync controls within easy reach.

This guide walks you through setting up and using the Liferay Sync client on your desktop. Before proceeding, check your Liferay DXP instance or Site administrator to ensure that Sync is enabled for your Sites.

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