Message Board Permissions

Open the Message Boards app in your scope’s Site Administration menu, as described in the article on creating message boards. Then click the Options icon (Options) and select the Home Category Permissions option. This permissions screen is for granting and revoking access to message board functions.

The permissions enable a Role to perform the following actions:

Permissions: View and modify permissions.

Add File: Attach a file to a message.

Ban User: Forbid a user from participating in the message board.

Add Category: Add a new category to the message board.

Reply to Message: Respond to an existing message.

Lock Thread: Stop any further additions or modifications to a thread’s messages.

Subscribe: Receive notifications on new and modified posts.

View: View all the contents of message threads.

Add Message: Post a new thread.

Move Thread: Move a thread to a different category or subcategory.

Update Thread Priority: Modify a thread’s priority.

Configure the Roles with the permissions you want and Save your changes.

After adding a Message Boards widget to a page, you can access that widget instance’s general permissions. To do so, select the widget’s Options menu (Options) and select Permissions. This permissions screen lets you control access to the widget instance’s Permissions, Preferences, and Configuration menus.

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