Including Layout Templates with a Theme

Although you can deploy a layout template by itself, you can also bundle it with a theme. If you generated a layout template with the Layouts sub-generator from inside a generated theme project, the layout template is bundled with the theme automatically. If, however, you generated a layout template and want to bundle it with a theme afterwards, follow these steps to include the layout template with a theme:

  1. Copy the layout template’s liferay-layout-templates.xml file to the theme’s src/WEB-INF/ folder.

  2. Create a layouttpl/custom/my-layouttpl/ folder inside the theme’s src/ folder.

  3. Copy the layout template’s FreeMarker (.ftl) file, and thumbnail preview (.png) if it exist, over to the layouttpl/custom/my-layouttpl/ folder.

  4. Copy the theme’s liferay-theme.json file into the src/layouttpl/custom/my-layouttpl/ folder and rename it liferay-plugin.json.

  5. Open liferay-plugin.json, rename the LiferayTheme entry LiferayPlugin, and replace the pluginName entry’s value with the name of the layout template. Below is an example configuration:

  "LiferayPlugin": {
    "deploymentStrategy": "LocalAppServer",
    "appServerPath": "C:\\Users\\liferay\\opt\\Liferay\\bundles\\liferay-ce-portal-tomcat-7.2.0\\tomcat-9.0.10",
    "deployPath": "C:\\Users\\liferay\\opt\\Liferay\\bundles\\liferay-ce-portal-tomcat-7.2.0\\tomcat-9.0.10\\deploy",
    "url": "http://localhost:8080",
    "appServerPathPlugin": "C:\\Users\\liferay\\opt\\Liferay\\bundles\\liferay-ce-portal-tomcat-7.2.0\\tomcat-9.0.10\\webapps\\my-layouttpl",
    "deployed": false,
    "pluginName": "my-layouttpl"

Now you know how to include layout templates with your Liferay DXP themes!

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