Archiving Site Resources

Although a sitemap.json is the recommended approach for including resources with a theme, you can also export your site’s data in a LAR (Liferay Archive) file. A LAR file is version-specific; it won’t work on any version of Liferay DXP other than the one from which it was exported. This approach does, however, require less configuration, since it does not require a sitemap or other files. So, if you’re using the exported resources in the same version of Liferay DXP and it’s not for a theme on Liferay Marketplace, you may prefer a LAR file.

Follow these steps to archive your site’s resources:

  1. Export the contents of a site using the site scope.

  2. Place the archive.lar file in your theme’s /src/WEB-INF/src/resources-importer folder.

Great! Now you know how to archive your site’s resources.

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