Designing Structured Content

If you’ve ever launched a web site, you know that as it grows, you can experience growing pains. This is the case especially if you’ve given lots of people access to the site to make whatever changes they need to make. Without preset limitations, users can display content in any order and in any manner they desire (think huge, flashing letters in a font nobody can read). Content can get stale, especially if those responsible for it don’t maintain it like they should. And sometimes, content is published that should never have seen the light of day.

Thankfully, Web Content Management helps you handle all of these situations. You can use Structures to define which fields are available to users when they create content. These can be coupled with Templates that define how to display that content. Content won’t get stale, because you can take advantage of the Scheduling feature to determine when content is displayed and when it’s removed. Additionally, you can configure Liferay DXP’s built-in Workflow system to set up a review and publishing process so only what you want winds up on the live site. This gives you what you need to run everything from a simple, one-page web site to an enormous, content-rich site.

All of this starts with structures.

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