Managing Content Sets

A Content Set is exactly what it sounds like: a set of content items. In short, an administrator can define a list of content, and then that list can be displayed. The way that the Content Set is displayed is determined by the method that is used to display it. For example, if the Content Set is being used by a smartwatch app, it could be displayed as a simple list of titles, and selecting a title would cause the full article to display on a connected mobile device. The same Content Set could be displayed in a web browser with the full content of each article.

Creating and Displaying Content Sets

Content Sets are created through the Site Administration interface. All the features for creating and managing Content Sets are contained here. They are displayed using Liferay’s widgets or your own custom applications. Read our guides for information on Creating Content Sets and Displaying Content Sets

Content Set Personalization

Content Sets can have variations driven by Liferay DXP’s Personalization engine. After you create a Content Set, if you have at least one User Segment created, you can create a personalized experience of the Content Set for that Segment. To learn to harness the power of experience personalization for Content Sets, see Content Set Personalization.

Converting Asset Publisher Configurations to Content Sets

You may have already gone through a great deal of work to create a perfect, curated list of content through the Asset Publisher, but now you want to display that list elsewhere without duplicating your work. You can do that with Content Sets. Read the Converting Asset Publisher Configuration to Content Sets guide article to learn more.

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