Querying for Content

The Asset Publisher works by querying for mixed types of content on the fly. Since you can control what and how content is displayed from one location, the Asset Publisher helps to “bubble up” the most relevant content to your users.

To get to all the application’s options, click the Options icon (Options) in the application’s menu. If you click the Configuration option and then Setup (if necessary), you can configure the Asset Publisher’s settings from the following three areas:

  • Asset Selection
  • Display Settings
  • Subscriptions

Asset Selection configures which assets are displayed. You can set asset selection to

  • Dynamic
  • Manual
  • Content Set
  • Content Set Provider

Dynamic displays assets based on certain rules or filters. For example, you can set the Asset Publisher to display only assets of a certain type or to which certain tags or categories have been applied. Manual asset selection only displays assets that have been explicitly selected by an administrator. For more information on Content Sets and their place in the Asset Publisher, see the Managing Content Sets section.

The Asset Publisher supports a scope that restricts both dynamic and manual asset selection. The Asset Publisher can only display assets from its configured scope. By default, the Asset Publisher app is scoped to the site of the page to which it was added. You can, however, customize the scope from the Asset Selection section of the Asset Publisher configuration window. To extend your Asset Publisher’s scope,

  1. Click Select under Scope.

  2. Choose Global to add the global scope or Other Site… to add the scope of another site.

The Display Settings section of the Asset Publisher configuration window is for customizing how content is displayed. The Subscription section enables, disables, or configures email subscriptions and RSS subscriptions. In the following sections, you’ll explore the available configurations for the Asset Selection, Display Settings, and Subscriptions sections of the Asset Publisher’s configuration window. You’ll start by learning how select content manually. You’ll see that it’s very similar to using the Web Content Display application except that you can select assets of any type, not just web content articles.

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