Using Liferay Util Dynamic Include

The dynamic include tag lets you specify a point or points in a JSP or theme where a developer can inject additional HTML, resources, or functionality, using the DynamicIncludeRegistry. You can read more about the OSGi Service Registry here. The key attribute identifies the extension point. See Dynamic Includes for example configurations that use dynamic include extension points to inject additional functionality.

The example configuration below uses the <liferay-util:dynamic-include> tag to include an extension point before the primary code and an extension point after the primary code:

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="liferay-util" %>

<liferay-util:dynamic-include key="/path/to/jsp#pre" />

        <p>And here we have our content</p>

<liferay-util:dynamic-include key="/path/to/jsp#post" />

Now you know how to use the <liferay-util:dynamic-include> tag to add extension points to your app.

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