Bar Charts

Bar charts contain multiple sets of data. A bar chart models the data in bars. Each data series (created with the addColumns() method) is defined with a new instance of the MultiValueColumn object, which takes an ID and a set of values. Follow these steps to configure your portlet to use bar charts.

  1. Import the chart taglib along with the BarChartConfig and MultiValueColumn classes into your bundle’s init.jsp file:

    <%@ taglib prefix="chart" uri="" %>
    <%@ page import="" %>
    <%@ page import="com.liferay.frontend.taglib.chart.model.MultiValueColumn" %>
  2. Add the following Java scriptlet to the top of your view.jsp:

    BarChartConfig _barChartConfig = new BarChartConfig();
    	new MultiValueColumn("data1", 100, 20, 30),
    	new MultiValueColumn("data2", 20, 70, 100)
  3. Add the <chart> taglib to the view.jsp, passing the _barChartConfig as the config attribute’s value:

      config="<%= _barChartConfig %>"

Figure 1: A bar chart models the data in bars.

Figure 1: A bar chart models the data in bars.

Awesome! Now you know how to create bar charts for your apps.

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