Updating Blade CLI

Blade CLI is updated frequently, so you should update your Blade CLI environment for new features. You can check the released versions of Blade CLI on Nexus by inspecting the com.liferay.blade.cli artifact. You can check your current installed version by running blade version.

To update your Blade CLI installation to the latest stable version, run

blade update

Although Blade CLI is frequently released, if you want bleeding edge features not yet available, you can install the latest snapshot version:

blade update -s

This pulls the latest snapshot version of Blade CLI and installs it to your local machine. Running blade version after installing a snapshot displays output similar to this:

blade version 3.3.1.SNAPSHOT201811301746

Be careful; snapshot versions are unstable and should only be used for experimental purposes.

Awesome! You’ve successfully learned how to update Blade CLI.

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