Highlighting Recent Bloggers

The Recent Bloggers widget lets you highlight the work of your site’s most recent blog authors. This widget lists each recent author’s name, profile picture, and number of posts. You can add the Recent Bloggers widget to a page from the Collaboration category in the Add (Add) → Widgets menu.

To access the widget’s configuration options, click Configuration from the Options menu (Options) in the widget’s title bar. The Setup tab appears first:

Selection Method: Set how the widget selects blogs authors to highlight. You can choose Users or Scope. If you select Users, the widget aggregates every recent blogger on your system. To refine the aggregation, you can select an organization by which to filter the users. If you select Scope, the widget aggregates the recent bloggers in the current scope. This limits the entries to members of the site where the widget resides.

Organization: The organization whose recent bloggers you want to aggregate.

Display Style: Select how the widget displays recent bloggers: User Name and Image, or User Name.

Maximum Bloggers to Display: Select the maximum number of recent bloggers the widget displays.

Here are descriptions for the other tabs in the widget’s configuration:

Sharing: Embed the widget instance as a widget on any website, Facebook, Netvibes, or as an OpenSocial Gadget.

Scope: Specify the blog instance the widget displays: the current site’s blog (default), the global blog, or the page’s blog. If the page doesn’t already have a blog instance, you can select scope option [Page Name] (Create New) to create a page-scoped blog instance.

When you’re finished setting the options, click Save. Then close the dialog box.

Figure 1: You can show off your site or organizations most recent bloggers from the Recent Bloggers app.

Figure 1: You can show off your site or organization's most recent bloggers from the Recent Bloggers app.

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