Managing Notifications and Requests

If you subscribed to a blog or message board, or if someone sent you a private message, invitation, event reminder, or mentioned you in a post, you received a notification or request.

To access notifications and requests, click your user menu and select Notifications. The Notifications List tab is selected by default. This is where all your notifications appear. Click the Requests List tab to view and manage your requests.

Figure 1: The Notifications List section displays all your notifications in a paginated list.

Figure 1: The *Notifications List* section displays all your notifications in a paginated list.

Managing Notifications

Notifications can pile up after some time, especially if you were away for a few days. The Management Bar gives you several ways to filter and sort your notifications.

The Filter and Order menu gives you the following options for viewing notifications:

All: The default option. Displays both read and unread notifications.

Unread: Displays notifications that haven’t been marked as read. Unread notifications are indicated with a blue border on the left-hand side of the notification.

Read: Displays notifications that have been marked as read.

Date: Order notifications by date.

By default, notifications are listed by date in descending order. To sort notifications by ascending order, click the up/down arrow icon in the management bar. Clicking the button again reverses the sort.

Each notification’s Actions menu (Actions) lets you mark the notification as read/unread, or delete the notification.

Managing Multiple Notifications

You can also manage multiple notifications at once. Select the checkbox next to notifications you want to manage and choose an option from the Management Bar. Select the checkbox above the notifications list to select all notifications on the current page. The Management Bar shows three actions for selected notifications:

  • Mark as Read (Open Envelope)
  • Mark as Unread (Closed Envelope)
  • Delete (Delete Button)

Managing Requests

When you get a request, it appears in the Requests List tab. In each request’s Actions menu (Actions), you can click Confirm to accept, Ignore to decline, or Delete to remove the request.

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