Publishing Single Assets From a Staged Site

Sometimes, stepping through the entire publication process is not necessary and can be overkill. For example,

  • What if you created a web content article and want only to publish it and nothing else?
  • What if you want to publish a new folder of articles and their dependencies, but don’t want the hassle of the publication process?
  • What if you found a typo in a document and want to fix it quickly and push to the live site?

You’re in luck! You can publish certain single assets from the staged Site to the live Site without creating a staging publication process, from their respective app menus:

  • Web Content
    • Web Content
    • Folder
  • Documents and Media
    • Document
    • Folder
    • Shortcut
    • Document Type
  • Blogs
    • Blog
  • Bookmarks
    • Bookmark
    • Folder

Important: Single asset publication is not supported for page-scoped content.

You’ll step through an example to see how this is done.

  1. Make sure the Staging framework is enabled and you’re on the staged Site.

  2. Create a Web Content Article in the Product Menu’s Content & DataWeb Content menu.

  3. Once you’ve saved the new Web Content Article, select its Actions button (Actions) next to the article and select Publish to Live.

    Figure 1: You can publish the single web content article to the live site.

    Figure 1: You can publish the single web content article to the live site.

  4. You’re presented a Process Details page where you can view the progress of your single asset publication request. Ensure the Web Content Article is published successfully.

There you have it! If you navigate to your live site’s Web Content section, the new article is available.

Similar to the regular staging publication process, your single asset publications also include associated dependencies. For example, if your web content article contains an image, custom structure, and custom template, they are all published together. The same concept applies for folders—if you publish a folder containing several web content articles, all the articles and their associated dependencies are published too.

By default, only those with permissions to publish widgets can publish single assets. Follow the steps below to modify these permissions for a Role:

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel → UsersRoles.

  2. Select the Role you’re updating.

  3. Click the Define Permissions tab.

  4. In the left menu, navigate to Control PanelSitesSites.

  5. Under the Resource Permissions heading, select the Export/Import Application Info option.

Also, make sure the Publish Staging permission is granted to the role. This is required to publish assets with staging. See the Managing Permissions article for more information.

Great! Now you know how to publish single assets and manage the permissions for who can do it.

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