Merging Site Pages Variations

Another powerful feature of Staging’s Page Versioning framework is the possibility of merging Site Pages Variations. To merge two Site Pages Variations, follow the instructions below.

  1. Click the Staging Bar’s Options button (Options) and select Site Pages Variation.

  2. Click the Site Pages Variation’s Actions button (Actions) you want to use as the base for merging and select Merge.

  3. Select the Site Pages Variation to merge on top of the base Site Pages Variation.

    Figure 1: Select the site pages variation youd like to merge with your base variation.

    Figure 1: Select the site pages variation you'd like to merge with your base variation.

    Merging works like this:

    • New pages that don’t exist in the base variation are added.
    • If a page exists in both Site Pages Variations, and at least one version of the page was marked as ready for publication, the latest version marked as ready is added as a new page variation in the target page of the base variation. Note that older versions or page variations not marked as ready for publication aren’t copied. Merging can be executed, however, as many times as needed and creates the needed page variations in the appropriate page of the base site pages variation.
    • Merging does not affect content and doesn’t overwrite anything in the base variation; it adds more versions, pages, and page variations as needed.

Great! You’ve merged site pages variations!

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