Creating Custom Layout Template Thumbnail Previews

To showcase your layout template properly, you must provide a thumbnail preview for it. Without this, no one will know the design of the layout. Follow these steps to provide a thumbnail preview for your layout template:

  1. Navigate to the layout template’s docroot/ folder. If you bundled the layout template with a theme created with the Liferay Theme Generator, the thumbnail is located in your theme’s src/layouttpl/custom/my-layoutttpl folder.

  2. Create a custom thumbnail PNG inside the folder specified in step 1 with the same name as the layout template that is 120 px x 120 px . Delete the temporary thumbnail PNG file if it exist.

    Figure 1: A thumbnail preview displays the layouts design to the user.

    Figure 1: A thumbnail preview displays the layout's design to the user.

  3. Deploy your layout template to your app server to use it. If your layout template is bundled with a theme, it deploys when the theme is deployed. Now you know how to create a custom thumbnail preview for your Liferay DXP layout templates!

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