User Groups

A User Group is a list of Users created for a specific purpose. User Groups can be created across the hierarchical boundaries of Organizations. For example, an administrator could create a Teachers User Group for adding all members to multiple Sites, assign them all to a Regular Role, and create a common set of profile pages for all teachers in the User Group. User Groups are integrated with Roles, Sites, Site Templates, and permissions. This flexibility means that there are many different use cases for User Groups. The articles in this section show you how to work with User Groups to serve the most common use cases.

User Groups are most often used in these scenarios:

  • Manage Site membership: Grant Site membership to all Users in a User Group. Using the previous example, the Teachers user group could be added as a member of the Sites University Employees and Students and Teachers Collaboration. All users in that User Group would become members of those Sites.

  • Manage user personal pages: Provide predefined public or private pages to the users in the user group. For example, the Teachers user group could be created to ensure the home page on all teachers’ personal Sites has the same layout and applications.

  • Collect permissions: Assign Roles and permissions to a group of Users that don’t share an organization. For example, in a university’s portal, a user group could be created to group all teachers independently of their departments (organization). This would make it easier to assign one or several Roles at once to all the teachers.

Read on to learn how to manage User Groups.

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