Sharing Site Templates

If you want to export a Site that uses Site or Page Templates to a different environment (through a LAR file or remote publication), the templates must be exported and imported manually in advance or the import fails.

To export a Site using a Site Template, use the following process:

  1. Go to the Control PanelSitesSite Templates menu.

  2. Click the Actions icon (Actions) and then Manage for the Site template you want to export.

  3. Open the Site Template’s management section and click on PublishingExport.

  4. Click the Add icon (Add) to create a new Custom Export.

  5. Select the content and pages you want to export and click Export.

  6. Click on the Download icon for the template that you exported.

  7. In your target environment, go to Control PanelSitesSite Templates and create a new Site template.

  8. Click ActionsImport for that Site template and upload the LAR file containing your Site template’s content.

Now the template can be used normally in the new environment. For more information on exporting/importing content, visit the Importing/Exporting Pages and Content article.

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