Changing Page Permissions

Public pages are just that: public. They can be viewed by anybody, logged in or not. And private pages are only private from non-members of the Site. If someone has joined your Site or is a member of your organization, that person can see all the private pages. If you want to further protect some content, you can modify the permissions on individual pages in either page group so only certain users can view them.

Here’s how to create a page only administrators can see:

  1. Go to your Site’s Site Administration dropdown and select Site BuilderPagesPrivate Pages.

  2. Create a page called Admin Tips.

  3. Click Configure from the Options button dropdown for the page in the left menu.

  4. Select Permissions from the Options icon (Options) in the top right corner of the screen.

  5. Uncheck the View and Add Discussion permissions next to the Site Member role.

  6. Click the Save button.

Figure 1: The Permissions offer a plethora of options for each role.

Figure 1: The Permissions offer a plethora of options for each role.

Congratulations! You’ve changed the permissions for this page so only Site administrators can view it. Any users you add to this Role can now see the page. Other users, even members of this Site, don’t have permission to see it.

Pages are as flexible as pages you’d create manually without Liferay. Using a point and click interface, you can define your Site any way you want. You can create and remove pages, export and import them, set their layouts, define how they are indexed by search engines, and more.

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