Configuring the Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin supports instance-wide scope or site-specific scope. The instance-wide scope of the Recycle Bin is set by adding the trash.enabled property to your file. By default, the Recycle Bin is enabled instance-wide. You’ll go into more detail for adding this property and several others to your properties file later in the section. First, you’ll explore the UI and see what the Recycle Bin can do.

First, you’ll configure the Recycle Bin for site-specific scoping.

  1. Choose the Site you’d like configure for the Recycle Bin from the Site Administration menu.

  2. Click ConfigurationSettings.

  3. Next, select the top Advanced tab and click Recycle Bin. You’ll notice a few configurable options.

    Enable Recycle Bin: enable and disable settings for the Recycle Bin’s site-specific scope.

    Trash Entries Max Age: customize the number of minutes a file is kept in the Recycle Bin until its permanent deletion (default is 43200 minutes, or 30 days).

    Figure 1: The Recycle Bin offers several configurable options for your site.

    Figure 1: The Recycle Bin offers several configurable options for your site.

  4. When you’ve finished configuring your Recycle Bin settings, click Save.

You can also configure the Recycle Bin via properties in the file. Remember that it’s a best practice not to edit the directly, but to create a separate file containing the properties to override. There are some additional options not available in the GUI that you can set: set the limit for results used when performing searches in the Recycle Bin (default is 500).

trash.entry.check.interval=60: set the interval in minutes for how often the trash handler runs to delete trash entries that have been in the Recycle Bin longer than the maximum age (default is 60).

Also, as was mentioned earlier, there are properties to enable the Recycle bin instance-wide and set trash entries’ maximum age.

trash.enabled=true: set this property to false to disable the Recycle Bin for all sites in the portal (default is true).

trash.entries.max.age=43200: set the number of minutes trash entries should be held before being permanently deleted.

Visit the file to view all of the configurable properties for the Recycle Bin.

Next, you should make sure permissions are set properly for users who can handle/view the assets in the Recycle Bin. Users who had View permissions on a document when it was recycled can also view that document in the Recycle Bin. Users who had Update or Delete permissions on a document when it was recycled can restore the document.

Now that you’ve successfully configured the Recycle Bin, you’ll look at how to use it.

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