Introduction to Tooling

You can write code for Liferay DXP using any standard toolset. Liferay is tool-agnostic, which frees you to work with whatever you’re already productive using.

Liferay has also created its own tools that streamline Liferay DXP development. These tools integrate with popular build environments (e.g., Gradle, Maven, and NodeJS). They include

  • Blade CLI: a command line interface used to build and manage Liferay Workspaces and Liferay DXP projects. This CLI is intended for Gradle or Maven development.
  • Liferay Workspace: a generated Gradle/Maven environment built to hold and manage Liferay DXP projects.
  • Liferay Dev Studio: an Eclipse-based IDE supporting development for Liferay DXP.
  • Liferay IntelliJ Plugin: a plugin providing support for Liferay DXP development with IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Liferay Theme Generator: a generator that creates themes, layouts templates, and themelets for Liferay DXP development.
  • Liferay JS Generator: a generator that creates JavaScript portlets with JavaScript tooling.

Liferay also provides a plethora of Gradle and Maven plugins you can apply to your projects. Many of these are already built into tools such as Liferay Workspace.

Want samples or predefined project templates? Liferay has you covered with 30+ project templates and many more project samples.

If you’re a newbie looking for the best development tool for Liferay DXP, or even a seasoned veteran looking for a tool you may like more than your current setup, this section answers your tooling questions.

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