Creating the service.xml File

To define a service for your portlet project, you must create a service.xml file. The DTD (Document Type Declaration) file liferay-service-builder_7_2_0.dtd specifies the format and requirements of the XML to use.

A service.xml was created for you when you created your Service Builder project. It’s in your *-service module’s root folder with an entity element named Foo. This is (obviously) an example entity, but you can use it as a pattern for creating your own.

Liferay Dev Studio DXP provides a Diagram mode and a Source mode to give you different perspectives of the service information in your service.xml file.

  • Diagram mode facilitates creating and visualizing relationships between service entities.
  • Source mode brings up the service.xml file’s raw XML content in the editor.

If you use Liferay Dev Studio DXP, you can switch between these modes. Of course, you don’t have to use Liferay Dev Studio DXP to work on Liferay projects.

Next, you’ll specify your service’s global information.

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