Installing New Extensions for Blade CLI

After you’ve created a new extension for Blade CLI, you must install it so it’s available for use. You can learn how to create custom commands and custom project templates in their respective articles.

When Blade CLI starts, it looks in the user’s ${user.home}/.blade/extensions folder for JAR files. All JAR files are searched to see if they contain valid Blade extensions. You’ll learn how to install new extensions next.

Installing a New Extension

To install an extension, you must move the extension JAR to the user’s ${user.home}/.blade/extensions folder. You can do this automatically from Blade CLI by running

blade extension install /path/to/my_extension.JAR

You can verify that the extension is available by running the following commands, depending on extension type:

Custom Command:

blade help

Custom Project Template:

blade create -l

Great! You’ve installed a new extension!

Uninstalling an Extension

You can uninstall a Blade extension by running this:

blade extension uninstall EXTENSION_NAME.jar

This removes the extension JAR from the user’s ${user.home}/.blade/extensions folder.

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