Publishing A/B Test Variants

Once the A/B test has concluded and Analytics Cloud has computed the test results, the status for the test displays as Winner Declared (if a winning Variant was found) or No Winner in the A/B Test sidebar panel. You’re also alerted to the result via a notification, which you can view from the User Menu.

Figure 1: If youre satisfied with the A/B tests results, publish the winning Variant.

Figure 1: If you're satisfied with the A/B test's results, publish the winning Variant.

Click the Publish button to publish your winning Variant Experience. Once you publish a Variant, the A/B test’s status is Completed and the test is finished.

Figure 2: Once youve published a Variant, the A/B test is complete.

Figure 2: Once you've published a Variant, the A/B test is complete.

If you want to publish a Variant that was not declared a winner, select the Variant from the A/B Test panel and click Publish. You can select Discard Test to ignore the A/B test recommendations and keep the currently published Control Page.

The most productive Variant is now available to all users who visit the Page.

Awesome! You successfully ran an A/B test and published the Variant that is most effective for your Site’s users.

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