Connect your Liferay DXP site to Analytics Cloud

Your Liferay DXP instances are rich with web analytics data and visitor data from Users and. In order to monitor and collect website visitor information, you need to setup a connection between your Liferay DXP site with Analytics Cloud by adding a Data Source.

There are two ways to connect:

  • Connect using the Access Token (recommended)
  • Connect using OAuth

Connect using the Access Token

Liferay DXP Minimum Requirement

To connect using the Access Token, your Liferay DXP must meed the following minimum fixpack requirement:

  • 7.2 Fix Pack 5/SP2
  • 7.1 Fix Pack 18/SP4
  • 7.0 Fix Pack 90/SP13

If you do not meet the requirement and are not able to upgrade to the fixpack requirement, you can connect using OAuth instead.


Creating a Data Source

First you need to create a data source by going to the following navigation, “Setting > Data Sources > Add Data Source". You must have the Admin role to perform this action.

Select Liferay DXP as your data source type. You will see a modal showing how you can copy the token. 


After copying the token, you will navigate to the Liferay DXP instance, in Control Panel under Configuration > Instance Setting > Analytics Cloud section. Paste the Access Token in the Analytics Cloud Token field as shown in the image below, then press Connect.


Note: For Liferay DXP 7.0, Analytics Cloud Admin is under Configuration > Analytics Cloud 

If the connection is successful, you should see “Your DXP instance is connected to Analytics Cloud.” as shown in the screenshot below.


Congratulation, your DXP is not connected to your AC workspace. Now you will need to select what site and contacts that you wish to track with Analytics Cloud

Please follow the instruction to Tracking Sites and Individuals with Properties to learn how to do that.