REST Builder Liferay Conventions

Liferay’s headless APIs follow several patterns and conventions to provide consistency and uniformity in the APIs.

Below is a list the most important ones. It’s a living list. Improvements are being made all the time, so check back to stay up to date on the changes.

YAML & OpenAPI restrictions

  • Tags are required. We can’t assign a class to a DELETE operation (doesn’t return anything, doesn’t receive an entity) so we need the tag to assign the method to a Java class.
  • Responses must return a status code (default is not supported).
  • Paths must be quoted.
  • Paths only contain the method path (application and version are inherited from the JAX-RS application).


  • We use path parameters for information that is required (like the id in a DELETE operation) and query parameters for optional information (filtering, sorting…)

  • We don’t expose className. If you need to return information like the className, use contentType keyword.

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