Your New Home for Analytics

The home of your workspace is a dashboard of your websites' analytics performance. This dashboard gives you a summary of how your website is doing overall. The screenshot below shows a dashboard that is already connected to a DXP site. We will dive deeper into this dashboard in a later section.


Connecting your DXP site to Analytics Cloud

But if you are logging into your workspace for the very first time, you will have to connect Analytics Cloud to a Data Source first. A Data Source could be a DXP site for site analytics data. It could also be other applications such as Salesforce additional customer data. 

To see how to set up a data source for Analytics Cloud, please read Manage Your Data Sources.

Inviting others to your workspace.

As a workspace owner or admin, you can invite your colleagues to the workspace. You might need additional administrators to help you setup data sources, configure your data, creating segments or you might need to invite your business user to view the reports. 

To invite more people, you can use the user management tool in the setting section of the workspace 

Configure settings for your workspace

Most of the important settings are configured when you created the workspace. However there are other settings worth reviewing for your workspace. 

  • Data Definitions
  • Data Control and Privacy
  • APIs
  • Workspace Usage Monitoring
  • Workspace Settings

To see more about your workspace settings, please read Managing Your Analytics Workspace.