Customising soy files in ext plugins


1) Create Ext-plugin by adding ext-files ( and
2) Deploy through Gradle "deploy" Or place the jar to osgi/marketplace/override folder.
3) Deployed path should be: {Liferay-Home}osgi/marketplace/override.
4) Delete temp folders and osgi/state folder.
5) Restart the server.
6) Create Topic > Categories > Sub Categories (create before deploying the ext-plugins).
7) Create basic web content and try to add categories
8) Not able to add categories and would get browser console errors.Screenshot-2-extplugin.png


  • Liferay 7.2 with DXP-7


  • The reason behind those errors is that the compiled file is not wrapped into Liferay.Loader.define() as it is the one compiled within the portal.

  • The reason might be: Couldn't use liferay-npm-scripts to build anything outside liferay-portal because it is not intended to be used outside that build. It doesn't mean it wouldn't work, but it is not a supported scenario yet.

  • There is no proof that this ext plugin could build and work correctly at some point.

  • Issue marked as a sort of "Won't fix" since it is far beyond what Liferay support.

  • As of now, no documentation for overriding soy templates.

Additional Information

  • Liferay Support will not be able to assist with designing or implementing customizations with respects to the ext-plugins.
  • Deployment of Ext-plugin module