Several unnecessary modules appear in the browser's console upon opening the Liferay site


  • When opening the page of a Liferay DXP portal (public or private, logged in or not), several  modules will appear in the browser's Developer Tools' "Source" tab @ http://localhost:8080/o/js_bundle_config:


    Among these, some of them will not be apparently necessary for the functionalities on the visited page but rather for backend or not yet used apps, like for example:
    - Liferay Staging Processes Web 
    - Liferay Product Navigation Simulation Device
    - Liferay Layout Admin Web
    - Liferay Export Import Web
    - Liferay Segments Simulation Web
    - Liferay Frontend Editor AlloyEditor Web
    - Liferay Portal Workflow Task Web
    - Liferay Portal Workflow Kaleo Designer Web
    Why does Liferay get these resources?


  • Liferay DXP 7.0+


  • js_bundle_config purely specifies a list of modules to be loaded, but none of them is actually loaded in the Network tab