dl.file.rank.enabled property in Liferay


  • Details on disabling the "dl.file.rank.enabled" property with the below queries.
    1) The usage of this property?
    2) What would be the impact on the system if disable it?
    3) Will there be any impact on the portal if disable it?


  • Liferay 7.0


  • The usage of this property?

    • The dl.file.rank.enabled property is used by the "Recent Documents" functionality of the Documents and Media portlet

  • What would be the impact on the system if disable? 

    • Disabling this property might have an impact on the accuracy of that above-mentioned feature. However, there have been known some database concurrency issues with this property set to true in environments with many concurrent users accessing documents, that's why usually recommend setting it to false. Therefore, having dl.file.rank.enabled=false in portal-ext. properties file, bulk read, and a write should not be seen for the DLFileRank table, and as a result performance of the database should be improved too in this regard.

  • Would it impact somewhere else on disabling it?

    • As mentioned above, this property used by Documents and media portlets, so, it might not impact the portal, however, would suggest continuing monitoring the database sessions for a safer side.