Landing page redirection is not working after SAML configuration


  • Once the SAML is configured the Landing Page redirection is not redirecting to the desired page.


  • Liferay DXP 7.1


  • The pre and post-login actions (like DefaultLandingPage actions) are not compatible with AutoLogin solutions (like SAML). These pre and post-login actions are designed to work with explicit login. 

    The default landing page only makes sense when explicitly login in. As in it is the default landing page when you land after login in if there's no other page defined. For example, if you go to login with url /c/portal/login?redirect=/test/test you'll land on /test/test instead of the default landing page. SAML plugin for instance relies on this and it also relies on AutoLogin not redirecting the request as that would lose the sent SAML message.

    It is recommended to make it happen with configuring the IdP. With SAML it is possible to provide similar functionality by passing RelayState from the IdP.