Subscribed content gets notification even if scheduled to future


If a User subscribes to content to get updates when a change is published the user also gets a notification when the author saves a content scheduled for the future. 
That leads to irritations because users get the notification about a changed article but see no change on the page because the change has still to happen in the future.
The Users can subscribe to an article without rights to access the backend. So they have no chance to see that it is a scheduled change.


Reproduction steps:
1. Login with User 1 (With Administrator Role)
2. Click on User-Icon and go to User Notifications
3. There click 'Dot-Menu' on top right -> Configuration
4. Check that 'Web-Content' - 'Updates web content you are subscribed to'  is checked
5. Create a WebContent and publish it
6. In 'My Site -> Content & Data -> Web Content' search that content and click 'subscribe' in the 'Context-Menu' .
7. Login with User 2 (With Administrator Role)
8. Edit something in the subscribed content and schedule it in the future. Then press publish.
9. The content will have the status 'approved' and 'scheduled'
10. Login with User 1 (With Administrator Role)
11. Go to User-Profile Notifications

Expected result: No Notification for the scheduled content
Actual result: Notification for the scheduled content.



Liferay DXP 7.2



For now, this is the expected behaviour but for usability reasons, Liferay will improve the product to make an exception when scheduling web content, but this will be implemented in later versions. 

Additional Information

Once its status will change to 'implemented' will mean it is available in the latest Liferay Release.