Method "themeDisplay.getScopeGroupId()" executed within a Widget Page Template does not retrieve the site's groupId


  • Given a Widget Page Template, when we use the themeDisplay.getScopeGroupId() method from a Freemarker template to try to retrieve the groupId from the original site, a different groupId will be retrieved.
  • Would it be possible to recover it in some other way?


  • Liferay DXP 7.1+


  • Widget Page Templates create, by definition, their own site, so using themeDisplay.getScopeGroupId() will retrieve the groupId of the new site created (for the Page Template) and not the original site's groupId.
  • However, these Widget Page Templates are still connected to the original site (where they have been created) through its Page Template Collection.
  • To retrieve the original site's groupId, it will be necessary to do it through its LayoutPageTemplateEntry, in the following article there is an example that can be used as a starting point: