Resource and Global scopes tabs are not listing under oAuth2 administration scopes


  • I not see the Resource and Global Sub-tabs under the Scopes tab on Oauth2 clients (in Control Panel/ OAuth2 Administration)


  • 7.3+


After the scope graphic interface change. There is an explanation on, specially in this paragraph:


The current administration screen for OAuth2 where scopes are listed had to be simplified.

When creating a new OAuth2 applications, usually the developers take care of grouping the scopes of the individual applications into bigger logical groups that makes sense from product aspect.

In a SaaS environment the registration of applications and grouping these scopes may be more complicated because resource scopes and the grouping of them are shown on system level and inside a SaaS environment the developer will not have the permissions to handle/view any system configurations, so this information can be confusing both in the development and in the visualization of the available scopes in each OAuth2 application.

The new OAuth2 scopes view for a Saas environment simply listed hierarchically all the available scopes without any grouping. Portal-Wide (Omni) Administrators get the list of the application/resource level scopes also, while other administrators can see only the global level scopes.
It is important to take into account that, due scopes are presented hierarchically, selecting all the children of one scopes does not imply selecting the parent.


If you want the Resource and Global scope to appear you can change thebundlePrefixconfiguration to make them global. To do so you can go to System Settings -> OAuth2 -> Bundle PrefixHandlerFactory and either change in the Default configuration a specific scope (for example if you addeverything.writeto the excluded scopes and theneverything.writewill appear on the global tab) or directly remove the Default configuration and each global scope will appear in the global tab.