Can't display other site's articles in the Web Content Display


  • We could add other sites as scope in the Web Content Display portlet in DXP 7.3 and below, so we could display articles from sites other than the current one
  • That option is now gone in DXP 7.4, so we could either select the Global scope or the current site only, is that intended?


  • Liferay DXP 7.4


  • The change was intended, as only the sites included in the scope of the widget should be selectable
  • Although the breadcrumb is visible, the only available site to be selected when the Global scope is set, is the Global site in 7.4/7.3/7.2
  • However, when the scope is set to Site, all the sites are available in 7.3/7.2 but not in 7.4 due to LPS-137143