Field Reference Structures change after upgrade to 7.4


  • The problem with the Field References is that the same structure has different structure IDs in dev and prod and we are planning to develop our templates on dev and once tested, I will update our templates on prod. However as the Field References are not the same on dev and prod, we have to do additional modifications to the templates before propagating them to prod. This would be solved if, after the upgrade, the Field Reference would contain the structure key instead of the structure id (or at least an environment-independent ID), because we can set the structure key the same in both environments.



  • Liferay DXP 7.4



  • This behaviour is not considered a bug as it was an intentional change to resolve a bug: LPS-128160
  • In order to request a change in this behaviour, there is an opened Feature Request ticket: LPS-160621.