Why isn't the file extension included by default in the new document URLs?



  • 7.4 U27+


  • Before this, the url was including the filename, so any change to the filename was causing a broken link in the content using those documents. In order to solve that, we added a new field called friendlyURL that works pretty much as friendlyURLs in web content and pages, having a history, so even if the friendlyURL is changed, users are redirected to the document. The reason to base the autogenerated url in the name and not in the full filename, was that the main use case we were considering was display page templates, where you build a “nice” page to show the documents information, so it is more SEO friendly if the url has a “beautiful” name and not something like “myReport.xlx”.
  • Please also note that end users can always override the autogenerated URL when they upload/edit a document.



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