Base Price is not reflecting in the UI while passing the 'price' parameters in the Headless API


  • While creating the product via a headless API and providing the SKUs field, the price is not updated. It's showing as 0.
  • Steps to reproduce:
    1. Start Liferay DXP 7.4 U54.
    2. Navigate to Commerce > Options.
    3. Create option 'City' and provide the values 'Delhi' and 'Mumbai'.
    4. Create specification as 'segment'.
    5. Now, create a product via headless API. Change the catalogId and optionId as per the environment. The request is attached.
    6. Product is created successfully.
    7. Check the created product on the UI.
    8. Navigate to the SKUs Tab and click on any SKUs, the 'base price' is not showing.

    Actual Result: The base price is showing as 0 even though the price is already provided in the request body.
    Expected Result: The base price must be updated with the provided value.


  • Liferay DXP 7.4
  • Commerce 4.0


  • The observed behavior is a known issue/bug.
  • If a hotfix is required for this issue, please create a support ticket requesting a hotfix by attaching patch details.
  • Installing Fix Packs and Hotfixes on Liferay DXP will guide to installation of the hotfix in the respective environment.

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