Error validating the main servlet path in a content reference


  • Following an upgrade from DXP 7.3 Service Pack 1 to Update 10, we cannot reference a main servlet path within a Basic Web Content article

    Steps to Demonstrate

    1. Create a new Basic Web Content article with this input
    Title: Test

    Test content <a href="http://localhost:8080/c/portal/login">http://localhost:8080/c/portal/login</a>

    2. Press the Publish button


    The below error is thrown and the article isn't published

    Error: Unable to validate referenced page with URL /c/portal/login because the page group with URL /c cannot be found. 


  • DXP 7.3 Update 10 (U10)


  • This behavior was found to be caused by a code regression
  • It has since been fixed by LPS-180569, allowing a main servlet path to be referenced in content as before
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