Permissions set for the Wiki Node are not inherited by Wiki Pages


  1. Enable the following property: permissions.propagation.enabled=true
  2. Open A Wiki Node, change and save its permissions
  3. Add a new Wiki Page under the Wiki Node
  4. Open the Wiki Page's permissions

Actual result: The permissions for the Wiki page are completely different from the permissions of the Wiki Node.
Expected result: The Wiki Page should inherit the permissions from the Wiki Node.



  • Liferay DXP 7.2+


  • When the "permissions.propagation.enabled" property is set to "true" the permissions are not propagated during Wiki Page creation, but if you change parent permissions (Wiki Node's permissions) it will update the permissions of all of its children (Wiki Pages under that Node).
  • This can be seen in the property's description:
# Set the following to true to enable propagation of permissions between
# models.
# For example, when setting the permissions on a specific Wiki node, if you
# assign a role a permission (e.g. DELETE), then the assignment of that
# permission is also propagated to all Wiki pages that belong to that Wiki
# node.
  • So the propagation happens only when you set the Node permissions and this will not affect the permissions of subsequently created Wiki Pages.

Some of the currently available configuration options might be used as a workaround:

  1. Set default "Viewable by" permission for Wiki: Ability to set default "Viewable by" permission for assets
  2. Use Roles and Permissions to control who can have access:
    Wiki Permission Details
    Roles and Permissions FAQ
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