SEO Meta Tags in Display Page Templates


  • While working with configuring SEO and Open Graph in display page templates. Is it feasible to add custom tags and keyword metadata to journal web articles in order to integrate tags in a display page template visualization?


  • Liferay DXP 7.4


  • At the moment, the only tags supported for display page templates are the ones in the template configuration under SEO and Open Graph tabs, which will take the content dynamically from the content displayed.
  • The custom tags are not yet supported and in the short term are not a priority, though the users can always open a Feature request to track it.
  • About the keywords meta tag, Liferay actively didn't include them as it looks like it's not SEO relevant anymore: However, the product keeps them in the configuration of the page for backward compatibility

Additional Information

  • Please note that the exact implementation will depend on the developer's decision, and the new feature can only be added to future Liferay releases. Users can find more information on how to open a feature request ticket by going to the following link: Requesting a New Feature or Feature Improvement
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