Cannot open Blog entry from Blog Aggregator if the entry is displayed on a Content Page


Blog post cannot be shown in the Blogs Aggregator widget if it comes from a Content Page

  1. Go to Site Builder > Pages
  2. Create a new Content Page with the "Blank" template (name it "Content")
  3. Add a Blogs widget to the Page
  4. Click on "Configuration" for the Blogs widget
  5. Navigate to the Scope tab
  6. Set it to "Content (Create New)" and Save
  7. Publish the Page
  8. Add a new Widget Page in Site Builder (name it "Widget")
  9. Add a Blogs portlet on the page and configure it the same way as you did the content page
  10. Navigate to the Content page and add a new Blog entry through the Blogs widget
  11. Repeat the same on the Widget Page
  12. Navigate to the Home Page and place a Blog Aggregator on the page
  13. Observe that the 2 blog entries appear from the 2 pages
  14. Click the entry from the Widget page and it opens correctly
  15. Click the entry from the Content Page

Result: Error: No suitable application found to display the blog entry.



  • Liferay DXP 7.4



  • This behavior is a bug and LPS-182722 fixes the issue.
  • You can follow the LPS to see which Update will contain the fix.
  • You can also open a Support ticket to request a hotfix with this LPS.
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