The Chat Provider I want to use is not in the list of available Chat Providers




  • Liferay DXP 7.4+



  • Many Chat Providers offer purely HTML/JS/CSS based solutions which can be layered over DXP. They can be introduced by fragments and embedded on each page by positioning them on a Master Page Template.
  • If you would like the Chat Provider to be integrated with DXP, you can raise a Feature Request for that specific Provider: Requesting a New Feature or Feature Improvement (see LPS-182708 as an example)
  • There is another Feature Request ticket opened for having an extension point for Click to Chat, which could make it possible to integrate the selected Provider: LPS-183491


Additional Information

  • It is a good idea to follow the Feature Request (add yourself as Watcher on the Jira ticket) for receiving any updates.
  • You can also Vote for the Feature Request to express your need. Requests with higher customer demand have the chance to be implemented sooner.
  • Please note that it is up to the Product Team to decide what third-party technologies DXP is built to integrate with.
  • It is out of scope for Liferay Support to assist with any custom solution.
  • You might consider contacting our Global Services team for assistance with implementing custom solutions.
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