License fails to deploy for Liferay PaaS

Note: please note that Liferay has renamed its Liferay Experience Could offerings to Liferay SaaS (formerly LXC) and Liferay PaaS (formerly LXC-SM).


  • Sometimes DXP may fail to deploy a new license
  • After restoring a backup you see the prompt to install a license
  • Also you may encounter the following log:
[][AutoDeployDir:238] Processing dxpActivationLicense.xml


  • Liferay PaaS


  • This might be caused due to old licenses being deployed.
  • You'll need shell access for the Liferay service to execute the following commands:
mkdir -p /opt/liferay/data/backup/license /opt/liferay/data/backup/osgi 
mv -v /opt/liferay/data/license/* /opt/liferay/data/backup/license
mv -v /opt/liferay/osgi/modules/*.xml /opt/liferay/data/backup/osgi
cp /mnt/dxpcloud/license/* /opt/liferay/deploy
  • After a couple seconds you can find the following logs in Liferay service:
Apr 27 17:38:38.955 build-1080 [liferay-6b5c4f56f4-ht7jm] [dxp] INFO [fileinstall-directory-watcher][LicenseManager:-1] DXP Unlimited Enterprise-Wide license validation passed
Apr 27 17:38:38.955 build-1080 [liferay-6b5c4f56f4-ht7jm] [dxp] INFO [fileinstall-directory-watcher][LicenseManager:-1] License registered for DXP Unlimited Enterprise-Wide

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