Assets created from an Asset Publisher don't keep the categories and/or tags of the filter


  • An Asset Publisher (AP) can be configured to filter by certain categories and/or tags.
  • When the Display Settings of the AP has Show Add Content Button enabled, it's possible to create new assets directly from the AP.
  • In some cases, the asset created already has filled out the categories and/or tags from the AP configuration. But in other cases, it isn't.


  • Liferay DXP 7.4


  • The discrepancy lies on the precise configuration of the filter rules in the AP:
    • If the rule is of the type Contains All, then creating a new asset from the AP will automatically add those categories and/or tags.
    • If the rule is of the type Contains Any, then creating anew asset from the AP will not fill out the categorization section.
  • The justification for the second situation is avoiding potential problems with content creators that may not have permissions to see all categories and/or tags used in the AP filter. They might think that only a few categories and/or tags are assigned to the created asset although there are more. This might imply having the new asset being shown in another AP that the creator did not intend to.
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