Commerce products do not appear for Guests in default Search Results widget


  1. Create a Minium Site
  2. Add Guest view permission for Catalog Page
  3. Add a new Content Page (or Widget Page)
  4. Place the following widgets on the new page: Search Bar, Search Results (the one available from Search section and NOT Commerce section)
  5. Configure the Search Bar widget, Scope should be "Everything"
  6. Publish the page
  7. Access the page as Admin or logged in user
  8. Search for a Commerce Product and the result will appear in the Search Results
  9. Access the page as Guest and run the same search

Results: Commerce Products will not appear in the Search Results.



  • Liferay DXP 7.4



  • This behavior is intended, as it comes from a limitation of the Minium accelerator.
  • The Minium Site has been designed as a B2B Site, and not to be accessed by guest users.
  • Speedwell Site is the one where guest users have the capability to search.
  • In order to be able to search as a Guest User in a Minium Site, you need to do the following as an Admin user:
    1. Assign a page, View permission, for Guest User.
    2. Use the Commerce Search Results portlet.
  • We usually do not recommend this as Minium has been designed specifically for B2B scenarios.
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