Problems with marketplace Sync Connector deployment on 7.3


  • I have installed the Sync Connector from marketplace on my 7.3 instance, but it doesn't seem to work
  • in the startupp errors I see a part like this:
2023-05-31 12:18:15.064 ERROR [Framework Event Dispatcher: Equinox Container: 0f917d61-031e-4498-bfc8-8773f79dbde4][Framework:93] FrameworkEvent ERROR
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Could not resolve module: com.liferay.sync.service [1826]_ Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: jodd.bean; version="[3.6.0,4.0.0)"_ [Sanitized]
  • if I run "lb | grep Sync" in Gogo Shell, I can see that the Liferay Sync Service module is just Installed, but not Active
   ID|State      |Level|Name
  152|Active     |   10|Liferay Document Library Sync API (3.3.3)|3.3.3
  174|Active     |   10|Liferay Document Library Sync Service (3.0.29)|3.0.29
  894|Active     |   10|Liferay Portal Async Advice (2.0.21)|2.0.21
 1364|Active     |   10|Liferay Sync Connector - API (7.0.0)|7.0.0
 1365|Active     |   10|Liferay Sync API (6.2.7)|6.2.7
 1366|Active     |   10|Liferay Sync Connector - Impl (7.0.0)|7.0.0
 1367|Active     |   10|Liferay Sync OAuth (4.0.7)|4.0.7
 1368|Active     |   10|Liferay Sync Security (5.0.7)|5.0.7
 1369|Installed  |   10|Liferay Sync Service (4.0.16)|4.0.16
 1370|Active     |   10|Liferay Sync Web (4.0.16)|4.0.16


  • 7.3 (not sure since which fix pack or Update version, but at least U15)


  • This issue is caused by LPS-130041 ,  which upgraded the version of the jodd-bean.jar to 6.0.1 due to a security vulnerability in the older version of the .jar. However, the Liferay Sync Connector that is available on Marketplace still depends on the old version of the jodd-bean.jar.
  • Since Sync is deprecated in 7.3, a new connector will not be available on the Marketplace
  • Please open a ticket to get a hotfix lpkg of the Sync Connector with the following fixes: LPS-129970LPS-130041SYNC-1836 (these are all necessary). Please also refer Liferay support staff to for more details about this and why all these 3 fixes are needed to be added to the hotfix.


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