Liferay SaaS Compatibility Matrix

Note: please note that Liferay has renamed its Liferay Experience Could offerings to Liferay SaaS (formerly LXC) and Liferay PaaS (formerly LXC-SM).

Liferay DXP is the heart of Liferay SaaS. But not every DXP feature is applicable to every deployment method. Some DXP features are limited in the cloud context. This article lists many common DXP features and their compatibility with Liferay SaaS.


Liferay SaaS Compatibility
Server Administration Not Available Server administration, resource actions, groovy scripting, custom log levels or system settings are not accessible. Some functionalities such as Search reindex can be requested through a Help Center ticket.
Manage Cloud Service Stack (Liferay DXP, Search, Database, Web Server, Backup) Not Available The Liferay Cloud Service stack including image versions, stack versions, individual service versions, and environment backup are managed by Liferay.
Deploying Custom OSGi  Modules Not Available Deploying custom OSGi Modules is not available. Any change in behavior needed should be accomplished using Client Extension and remote extension points.

Groovy Scripts Not Available  The use of Groovy scripts is not available; this includes areas like Server Administration, Object actions, and Workflows. Client Extension and remote extension points should be used instead.
Custom Liferay DXP Patch Levels Not Available  All patching responsibilities, inclusive of updates, hotfixes, and security hotfixes, are handled by Liferay.
Accessing Application Logs  Available It is now available in the Extension Environments log tab. For assistance resolving any issues please open a Help Center ticket.
Liferay APIs Compatible JSONWS and Headless API calls are accessible in all environments. Limited to 5,000 calls per user, per hour.
Instance Settings  Compatible Client Extensions can be used to modify or configure instance settings.
Custom Liferay DXP Portal Properties ( Limited Compatibility Many configurations can be changed within the site or instance settings. If a configuration is only available through a portal property value change, then please open a Help Center ticket in order to request the change. Liferay does not guarantee all change requests will be made.
Basic Auth Header - Authentication Verifier Not Available This auth verifier is disabled for security purposes.
Digest Header - Authentication Verifier Not Available This auth verifier is disabled for security purposes.
Single Sign On Compatible  
WebDav Not Available WebDav, which uses Basic or Digest Authentication, is not enabled in the Liferay SaaS platform for security purposes..
Site Creation Compatible (limited by plan quota) Although the Liferay DXP UI does not restrict the number of sites available within an instance, some Liferay SaaS plans restrict the number of sites a customer should create. See Liferay SaaS Plans for more information. 
Connecting Third-Party CDN Providers (Cloudflare, Akamai etc.) Not Available Liferay SaaS is equipped with a CDN.
Custom External WAF Not Available Liferay SaaS is equipped with a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Connecting to an additional WAF is not available.
IP Filtering Compatible IP configuration such as custom whitelisting or blacklisting can be requested by opening a Help Center ticket.
VPN Compatible (Client-to-site option only) A VPN connection to the DXP instance can be requested by opening a Help Center ticket. A client-to-site VPN can be made available using OpenVPN or IKEv2 protocols. Please note that the "dedicated resources" add-on is necessary to request this.
Self-Service Backup Capabilities Not Available Liferay assumes control of all backup operations, conducting daily backup routines across all Liferay SaaS environments. Customers do not have the ability to configure their own backup routines or restore from backups.
Remote Staging Not Available Publications is available as an alternative.
Template Engines Limited Compatibility

The following Classes, Methods, and Variables are restricted:







Custom SSL Compatible

Liferay can install customer generated SSL certificates for custom domains. Please open a Help Center ticket to request the installation.

More information can be found here.

SMTP (Mail) Server Compatible Liferay SaaS is equipped with an SMTP mail server or can connect to a custom SMTP provider.
Dynatrace Not Available Liferay SaaS is not equipped with Dynatrace monitoring.EXT Environments and Client Extensions can be monitored through Dynatrace. However, this requires additional configuration and a Dynatrace subscription is not included with a Liferay SaaS Subscription.
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