Can I Create a Remote Live Database from a Copy of the Staging Database?

This article documents Liferay's position on duplicating a database to create a staging environment.

The Use Case

In order to enable Remote Live Staging, system administrators must have two databases: a staged environment and a live environment. One assumption is that it should be possible to copy the staged database and make it the live environment. This is perceived to be a shortcut so that the platform does not have to perform the initial publication when moving staged data to remote live.


This method was once nonviable because there was a validation check during the staging process that ensured the two sites were different. If this validation check fails, the following error is displayed in the GUI:

Unable to activate remote staging on site with ID 75450. The remote live site must be different from the stage site.

Liferay Engineering has removed the validation check in Liferay Digital Enterprise 7.0 Fix Pack DE-33 (available from the Fix Packs page). Validation will be available in specific use cases where needed, but no longer absolutely required. Before installing the fix pack, please read the Important Fix Pack Changes article.

Additional Information

See LPS-74947 for more information.

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