Installing DXP on IBM DB2 v.10.5

This article documents steps on how to start Liferay DXP on IBM DB2 10.5.


Creating a Database

  1. Start DB2 Command Line Process Plus.
  2. Enter the following:
    create database dxp pagesize 32768 USING CODESET UTF-8 TERRITORY US
      1. Note 1: Specify the Territory with the subscriber's specific country.
      2. Note 2: The property temporary tablespace managed by automatic storage is optional. (By default IBM DB2 uses automatic storage and works in most cases, unless there is a storage group.)
  • Because of the errors described in the IBM documentation (see below in the Additional Info section), enter the following:
    update database configuration for dxp using LOGFILSIZ 10000
    update database configuration for dxp using LOGPRIMARY 80
    update database configuration for dxp using LOGSECOND 40
    restart database dxp

Note: Substitute the value of dxp for the name of database.
Note: DB2 does not require semi-colons at the end of each command.

Connecting the Database

  1. Obtain the necessary jars. The jars are available in the \..\IBM\SQLLIB\java folder.
    1. Copy the db2jcc.jar and db2jcc_license_cu.jar into the folder with the other dependencies.
    2. If using Apache Tomcat, place them in the lib\ext folder.
  2. Place the db2jcc4.jar in the global lib folder (not in the lib\ext folder or else there will be errors).
  3. Enter the following in the file:
    jdbc.default.url=jdbc:db2://{IP address}:50000/{database name}:deferPrepares=false;fullyMaterializeInputStreams=true;fullyMaterializeLobData=true;progresssiveLocators=2;progressiveStreaming=2;
    custom.sql.function.isnull=CAST(? AS VARCHAR(32672)) IS NULL
    custom.sql.function.isnotnull=CAST(? AS VARCHAR(32672)) IS NOT NULL
  4. Save the file.
  5. Start the application server. At this point, Liferay DXP is deployed on IBM DB2 version 10.5

Note: Substitute the value of database's IP address or use localhost.
Note: Substitute the values for the database name, username and password.

Additional Information

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